Hello, Here is my new Ibanez Paul Gilbert Model Guitar, bought today 26/05/2004 from synthstasher on ebay

I did not take these photos, synthstasher did, photos taken by me to come...one day, click each one for a bigger one, you know how it works.

I have chosen colors for this page that would make paul proud

This is the guitar, updide down, the f holes have magical powers

Here we are looking straight down at the guitar, can you see the volume knob? can you see the tone knob?

From here you can see down the neck, rosewood I believe, made from roses somehow

Here is the headstock, note it says ibanez pgm, cause thats what it is

Heres the back of the neck, some sort of lighter colored wood

Heres the back of the body, note the all access neck, for wailing 80's style on the 24th fret...and beyond!

Heres the full back, read the last two descriptions

I dont know the point of this photo

Heres the bottom, with strap peg thing, this guitar is 100% strap compatible

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